Greedy Genius Gang – Saint Nyne

Greedy Genius Gang – Saint Nyne Greedy Genius Gang – Saint Nyne


Casanova Corleone

Saint Nyne – Producer out of South Florida, focused on working with talented artists to produce and sell quality visual and audio projects. Saint Nyne also owns a marketing and fashion company entitled Greedy Genius Gang. This company extends to other realms as well, playing a key role in the Warrior and Queen Series. Saint Nyne produces art in many forms.


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Lion KingsOne of his more recent projects is called Lion Kings. In this project he recaps a few events that took place between two rival gangs in his area.

 This audio project has a separate page that explains the concept and vision more in depth.  

Saint Nyne also has multiple Mp3 tracks on soundcloud free to download. He also creates dj playlists for multiple activities.



Greedy Genius Gang is also a clothing line. There are a few designs out for this label already.

Visual Projects are on youtube and are shot by San Dondadda. More Projects are on the way and will be released on youtube and WorldStar summer of 2016

Click Link for "Dope Sauce" Audio Project

Click Link for “Dope Sauce” Audio Project


Dope Sauce is an art project that Saint Nyne and Stacks Ez have collaborated on. This project is the prequel to a short film that Greedy Genius Gang is working on currently. Dope Sauce will be toured across the states. This art project includes – but is not limited to; fashion design, audio/visual production and screenplays . Be on the look out for more news from Dope sauce through the DOPE WAVE



  • EDM Music
  • Teaching Astronomy
  • Space and General Science Themes
  • Good Music Approved

Connect with Saint Nyne through social media to inquire about promotional services, GGG products and keep up with new art and business projects.

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Eric Rivera

Eric Rivera