LiLi – Lupotracks

LiLi – Lupotracks LiLi – Lupotracks


Lili is an artist/producer for #LUPOTRACKS and GGG productions. She edits and develops music videos, audio tracks and photos for artists in South Florida.

Recently she has been working on her positive- vibe EDM and hip hop music. Check out this soundcloud mp3 track with her latest track.



Lili enjoys her work as a photographer and videographer. She is often engaged in projects with artists, assisting them with overall production and quality control. As a marketer she enters the market of art and finance looking to produce good art and make money.



Lili Lupotracks works closely with the Red Queens modeling organization and the Greedy Genius marketing team to promote material and projects across a wide network of artists and producers.

Follow Lili on social media to keep up with her projects and contact her for booking information. She always attracts a good crowd and brings and entourage.


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