Raven Kamikaze

Raven Kamikaze Raven Kamikaze

The Raven born in a writing desk.

Raven Kamikaze is an assassin for the Red Queens organization. She is one of the top assassins in the Red Queen’s militia and she has mastered the art of persuasive seduction. She makes her first appearance in the Warrior & Queen series in the book entitled JOC1 – The Journal of Casanova – set to be released in the summer of 2017.

The song Raven’s Walk gives a brief description of this character and an understanding of her background.

                                  Excerpt from Chapter 2 of

               The Journal of Casanova

                                            Black Castle

I see Silas run into the Castle all out of breath. It was kind of funny to see him all out of breath. He was my only friend in this place. I decided to get up and look around before he could spot me. I wanted to at least take in the atmosphere before getting into an argument with him.


I walked towards the kitchen area and saw some servants dressed in red with the same red head coverings. As I got closer to the the food area I observed the kitchen design. The tiles were designed like a large checkerboard. The sinks were also made up of black marble. I saw a picture on the wall of a three little kids eating spaghetti. I looked closer at the picture and saw that one of the kids looked like Kano. He was sitting next to a little girl that looked like Red Queen. The other little kid was sitting off by himself digging into his plate.


One of the chefs walked passed me with a tray of crackers and cheese. There seemed to be lots of movement out in the area that I just came from. Since everyone was focused on that area, I decided to explore a little more. The kitchen lead to a bright hallway. I walked through the hallway and saw pictures of gorgeous women in model poses all along the hallway walls. I recognized one of the pictures. It was Raven, without that sugar candy painting and weirdo dress. She looked really good. She had light brown eyes and middle-brown hair. She was smiling. Her smile was full of joy, I felt happy just looking at her. It was weird because she seemed so serious in person that it was hard to believe she could even take a picture like that.

At the end of the hallway I could see a door. I walked closer to it. Curiosity began to fill my mind. I wondered where that door lead to.


“Hey! What are you doing man!?” I heard I voice say.


I turned and saw Silas in the hallway with me. I smiled.


“Silas, what’s up dude. Took you long enough man.” I laughed.


“This is not funny, what is your problem?” He angrily responded.


“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t let you take the Dope Sauce.”


“Oh so you gave her the Dope Sauce anyway? After I told you that I didn’t want her drinking that? After I told you that I would help you confront her and strategically introduced you to King Tai?”


“It’s not that big of a deal Silas, plus she got 5 less bottles than she normally buys.”


“It is a big deal! Dope Sauce is poison! Don’t you get it?! I have to protect her from stuff like that.”


“Well then let’s just end this right here Silas because in order to protect Red Queen you will have to defend her against me.”


“And why is that?” Said a voice from the other end of the hallway.


Silas and I stood silent. The voice was a woman but I couldn’t tell who it was.


“Why does he have to protect the queen from you? What are you trying to do?” The voice asked.


“I thought I would find you snooping around here.” The woman walked closer to us and I could see it was Raven.


“Raven, hey listen I was just looking around and I…”

“Save it. Girls! Come let’s take him in!” She yelled.


All of a sudden the door at the end of the hall opened wide and a whole bunch of servants ran in. They started grabbing me and pulling me towards the door. I wanted to start swinging but they were all women and I couldn’t bring myself to hit one of them. I wrestled against them, but they were too many in number for me. Eventually they subdued me and brought me through the door. I could see Silas behind them talking with Raven, they seemed to be arguing, which brought me comfort because I didn’t feel alone. The servants started tying my hand with rope and I fought hard against them. I managed to get my hand free and grip my pistol. Raven quickly jumped over me and stepped down on my inner forearm, forcing me to release my grip on my weapon.


The other women held my arms down as Raven stood on top of me. I winced in pain because her foot was still on my forearm and I think she was wearing heels. She pulled out a bottle of Dope Sauce and opened it.


“You ever drank this stuff before?” She asked.


“No, now please get off of me!!” I screamed.


She took her foot off of my forearm, but the servants were still holding my arms down. Then she sat down in my lap and covered my mouth with her hand.


“You are being very loud sir and we have guests.” She smiled. I love her smile.

“I have never drank this stuff before either, but since you are so intent on delivering this to my queen, why don’t we try it out first together? Just you and me…. That way we make sure its safe for the queen.”


She was crazy. I knew she was crazy. I could read it all over her when she told me her name was entropy. I should have known that I would end up in a situation like this with her. I decided not to respond.


“Oh, I guess the cat got your tongue huh Mr. Delivery man.” She looked back at Silas who was now also being held down by one of the servants.


“Raven no!!! Don’t drink that stuff I been trying to get Red Queen to stop now for a long time!” Silas yelled.


Raven looked at me again. “What is in this Sauce? Why is he so worried about it?” She asked.

“I don’t know… I really don’t. I don’t drink it, I just deliver it ma’am.”


“Oh I’m ma’am? But Red Queen is ‘my lady’ even though she’s like ten times older than me?”


I could sense a little bit of jealousy in her tone. I felt intrigued by it but I was careful. I know that almost everyone in this place is a seduction artist, including myself.


“I’m sorry miss Entropy.” I smile.


Raven smiles as well. Then she takes a gulp of the Dope Sauce. “Hmm, it tastes good. Open your mouth, its your turn.”


Before I could respond, I feel fingers pulling on my lips and prying my mouth open. I shake my head violently but the servants don’t let go. Raven moves her head closer to my head and whispers to me.


“It’s time to taste your own medicine sir.” She lifts the bottle of Dope Sauce slightly above my mouth and forces me to drink a gulp.

                                     Stay tuned for more from the Warrior and Queen Series.


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