Warrior and Queen CH 5 (Optimist Mafia intro)

Warrior and Queen CH 5 (Optimist Mafia intro) Warrior and Queen CH 5 (Optimist Mafia intro)

Optimist Mafia Intro





Princess Pecuniam heard a knock at the door.

               !Knock!! Knock!


              “Are you ready for your tour?” Said a very deep and heavy sounding voice, from the outside.

What tour? I wasn’t informed about a tour?” Pecuniam’s confusion continued.

             “That makes two of us lady… President Kano gave me the word this morning. He wants me to give you a tour of Greedy Towers.”

Who are you?”

             “My title is Greedy Commander. That is all”

Okay, well may I have a moment to gather myself.

              “Yes, be quick….. please.”

Pecuniam BeadsPrincess Pecuniam smiled and reached for the bag of wrist beads that her mother had given to her. The beads were designed with black and white pattern that signified financial stability. She remembered her mother’s instructions about the beads.

Okay I’m ready!” She called out.

            Greedy Commander opened the door. He was a tall muscular man with a stale stare. He wore a white and black Sergeant cap. He looked Princess Pecuniam up and down.

Good morning.” Pecuniam greeted him politely.

                     “Hey.” He responded.

                    “Alright, she’s ready… lets go guys!” Greedy Commander called out and two green soldiers entered the room. The green soldiers also stared at Princess Pecuniam while taking their places next to Greedy Commander.

             The men walked Princess Pecuniam out of the corridors where she was staying and lead her down a bright hallway. The hallway was composed of black, white, and gold bricks. Princess Pecuniam was amazed.

                 “What a lovely design, this must be worth a fortune.” She exclaimed.

“Yeah it really is a sight.”

                        “So can I ask you a question?


                        “What do you like about the Greedy Genius Gang? Like what made you join them?”

“They get money…straight up”

                         “Hmmm, well yes that is very important for sure.

“Yeah, Kano says that money is a form of power, and power can be imagined.”

                  “I don’t understand that…. what do you mean power can be imagined?”

The men began to laugh quietly. Pecuniam looked around at them searching to find the humor. “Well we don’t know what he means by that…. he’s the one who said it, heh.. not me.”

                “Yes but you spout it off and continue it as though its something that ought to be repeated.” Frustration began to arise within Pecuniam as she addressed her confusion.

                        “Should it not be repeated?”

Well no, only peaceful chants should be repeated.”

                     “Peaceful chants?”

Yes and instead of Greedy Genius Gang, you all should call yourselves Optimist Mafia.”

                      “Optimist what? What the heck does this have to do with peaceful chants?”


                        The men slowed to a stop as they approached a wooden door leading to the staircase.

“Well, Miss  mafia lady, are you ready for your first tour?” Greedy Commander asked,

             “I….um, where are we going?

The two green soldiers opened the door to reveal a parking garage. All of the cars in the garage were old school vintage styled. Princess Pecuniam smiled. She had always liked the older model and style of certain cars.

         “Wow this is really a masterpiece.

The men exchanged glances. “Yes, well President Kano takes great pride in his material possessions for that very reason.” Greedy Commander explained.

              “What very reason?” Princess Pecuniam responded.

“When you saw the car port, you automatically thought of it as a masterpiece. This is a reflection of the master who put the piece together, no?”

                “Hmmm, makes sense mister commander… makes sense.”

The group walked through the lot observing different cars. Greedy Commander allowed Princess Pecuniam to test drive any car she wanted around the lot. Pecuniam took full advantage of the opportunity; driving almost every car on the left side. She loved the way each car had unique steering abilities. She also loved the different types of “new car” aromas each car had.

           She was very thankful for the opportunity. She was enjoying herself so much that when Greedy Commander told her that her tour for the day was over, she felt sad. The sad face of Princess Pecuniam softened Greedy Commander’s demeanor.

“So tell me more about this Optimist Mafia that you speak of.”

         Princess Pecuniam lit up at the opportunity to talk about Optimist Mafia again. “Well I’ve been working on a little song that I want to present to Kano.” She smiled

“Aww crap… I hate musicals” Greedy Commander rolled his eyes.

              “No, no listen its actually quite well-orchestrated… To the point where you’ll have no choice but to participate.” Pecuniam’s spell was beginning to work. She knew if she could hypnotize Greedy Commander- she would have a great soldier. She was excited about capturing her first recruit.          “Okay you ready?

“I guess… lets hear it”