Stacks Ez is an audio/ visual producer for his own entertainment label; #lupotracks. Ez primarily produces southern-trap mixed with northern-rap style hip hop music,  but occasionally he dips into other fields like EDM and educational audio literature. Ez is currently working with producers like Saint Nyne and San DonDadda to produce multiple short films series to present at the Sunset Film Festival, hosted in South Florida.

“Nobody care’s work harder” – Stacks Ez

“Make money with your mind before you make money with your back.” – Stacks Ez

Here are a few of his calibration audio projects on soundcloud:

Ez is constantly working on video productions and perfecting his craft. As an artist, Stacks understands scenery. He is always filming artist and models in new locations – both within the states and international. He has soaked in knowledge and culture  traveling and living in  California, New York , Miami and foreign country’s like his ancestors homeland Italy , to study fashion, and music trends. As a finance major, he is constantly reminding his production team about the importance of incorporating the needs of the market with the skill of the art.

Click Link for "Dope Sauce" Audio Project

Click Link for “Dope Sauce” Audio Project

“Follow your dreams or work for someone who followed theirs.” – Stacks Ez


Lupotracks presents this audio/visual production, as well as others, on youtube.


Certified Artist

As an artist and entrepreneur Stacks Ez is always prepared to network and exchange resources with other like-minded individuals in order to produce, and market, quality material.


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#LUPOTRACKS  welcomes interested artists, engineers and investors to contact them through social media or email to discuss art project opportunities and business endeavors.