Welcome to Greedy Guru Group

Welcome to Greedy Guru Group




Hey there, you made a smart choice by choosing money. My name is Kano Corleone, I am the president of the Greedy Guru Group.

       I will agree to be your teacher and mentor for basic training, if you make it through basic training then I will become your spiritual guardian. I will promise you two things right away.


1.If you are officially inducted into my team I will take care of you as my own child. I will make sure that you are financially stable and that you actually make money for yourself. No one in the Greedy Guru Group is broke. This is not a game, you will actually make money.

2. Although I am very busy conducting other business endeavors, I will be diligent in teaching you the secret to the Wolfchild family fortune. In your realm, you know that family by a different name. By joining my team you will now be associated with that family. We take care of our family members.


Right now I have 1 rule for you. DO NOT GO BACK TO THE HOME SCREEN AND CHOOSE LOVE. If you are going to be a member of my team and share in my fortune, I need to be sure that you are loyal. If you decide that you would rather choose to work with the opposition after I have trained you and my team has poured time and effort into you, then we will treat you like a level 4 enemy. Level 4 enemies are to be terminated on sight!

If You want to turn back, now is your last chance.

Turn Back to Love